Markets Info

Industrial Waste Water
Organic Coagulant
Polyelectrolyte (PAM)
Activated Carbon Technologies (Powder & Granular)
Industrial Process Water
Smart Release Technology for Cooling Water Treatment
Acrylate/Maleate Technologies
Phosphonate Technologies
Eco friendly Microbial Technologies
Membrane Side Treatment
NSF approved Antiscalants
Organic Membrane cleaners for RO, UF and MBR technologies
Membrane Sanitizers
Sea Water Desalination
Sea Water Antiscalants for Membrane Treatment
Sea Water Evaporator Antiscalants
Filtration Media for Sea Water Pre treatment
Potable Water
Organic Antiscalants for Drinking Water Treatment
Activated Carbon for Drinking Water Treatment
Drinking water approved Disinfection Technologies
Organic Bleach Stabilizers
Organic Anti Re-deposition Technologies
Salt Recovery Evaporator Antiscalants
Organic Color Removal from dye wash water
Organic Treatment for Metal Ion Chelation
Organic Leveling Agents
Comprehensive Organic Chemical Program for Common Treatment Plants
Laundry and Detergents
Organic Phosphonates for Metal Ion Chelation
Organic Polymers for Anti Redeposition
Organic Detergent Builders
Swimming Pool
Non Chlorine based Technology for Disinfection
Ferrous Aluminum Sulphate with USP and European Pharmacopeia approvals
NSF approved Chemicals for Ultra pure water production
Edible Oil
Powder Activated Carbon for Edible Oil decolourisation
Oil & Gas
Activated Carbon for Condensate Polishing
Enhanced Vapor Recovery from Activated Carbon
Solvent Recovery from Activated Carbon
Chemicals and Petrochemicals
Lean Amine treatments through Activated Carbon Technology
Organic and Inorganic Chemical Purification through Activated Carbon Technology
Organic Technology for Evaporator Treatment
Powder Activated Carbon for Sugar Purification