Dober Group

Dober Group

It’s unlikely that there’s another company that’s as committed to finding customer solutions through chemistry and technology as Dober. Our multi-million dollar Innovation & Technology Center, located in the Chicagoland area, is the hub of our research activity. At this facility, which comprises five labs, a state-of-the-art Performance Testing Room and a Clean-In-Place skid, we simulate real-world conditions. This ensures that our solutions perform exactly as you need them to.

Instrumentation and process simulation equipment includes temporary units such as once-through feeder systems, permanently situated equipment such as cooling tower simulations and ASTM experimental equipment.

In our Critical Cleaning Lab, we develop effective cleaning agents and processes for the pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, Cosmetic/Personal Care and nutraceutical industries. This laboratory is where we have made significant advances in the removal of time-release coatings granulation, tablet coatings and products that contain physical and chemical sun blocks.

Our Controlled-Release Technology Lab is where we improve our breakthrough Smart Release products. This simple, safe and reliable technology provides solid controlled-release protection from scaling and fouling, corrosion, bacterial and algae growth for cooling towers and other applications.

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Smart Release Catalog

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