Abachem Specialty Chemicals Pvt Ltd. Offering Cutting Edge Chemical Technologies

About Us

Welcome to Abachem, a rapidly growing company into Manufacturing, Global Outsourcing, Networking and Distribution of specialty chemicals for Industrial Process/Waste Water and Potable Water Treatment.

Abachem Specialty Chemicals Pvt Ltd brings together a unique and specialist networking approach in bridging Multinational Chemical Companies to Indian & Asian Markets in creating one streamlined organization. We now combine in-depth local knowledge with an international structure. We bring value-added services, exceptional technical support and unique tailored solutions. Through our experienced people, we introduce fresh ideas and innovative products to benefit our customers and principals.

This refreshing new approach to chemical distribution is encapsulated in our new-look website and in our new branding. Most importantly, it is reflected in how we do business with you.

In addition to our many proven products, we specialize in working closely with our customers to develop custom products to meet your specific requirements. Improving your process through the use of custom formulated products will limit the need for costly equipment upgrades. Product development, Private Labeling, Formulation development, is among some of the many extra services we offer.

Your Plus with Abachem